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1,000 Days of No Lost Time Accidents at GP Rubber!

Safety – it’s one of our Core Values. Our #1 priority is to continuously provide a safe work environment for all employees. And, it is reason to celebrate that we are living out this core value at GP Rubber every day!

On June 4, 2018, we achieved an important milestone, the 1000-day mark for zero lost time accidents!

GP Rubber employees worked for more than 30 months and achieved this milestone by doing several things.

  1. They carefully focused on their work to ensure their eyes and mind were on task, along with understanding mitigating potential line-of-fire risks in a manufacturing environment.
  2. Our employees teamed up with their co-workers to help each other ensure they worked safely.
  3. The employees, as a team, instilled a culture of continuous improvement.

These concepts not only apply to how our employees work safely, but also to how they ensure the quality of the products they produce to meet our customers’ expectations.

Thank you and congratulations to all our teammates for achieving this fantastic milestone!


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