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What is an elastomer?
Elastomer is a fancy word, and all it means is "rubber". Some polymers which are elastomers include polyisoprene or natural rubber, polybutadienepolyisobutylene, and polyurethanes. What makes elastomers special is that they can be stretched to many times their original length, and can bounce back into their original shape without permanent deformation.

What temperatures and pressures will elastomers perform well under?
Our rubber compounds can be used in a variety of applications ranging up to 425 F. We work with our oilfield customers to understand the conditions the material will be asked to perform under to suggest the best material for the application.

What elastomer materials are used at GP Rubber?
The most common types of elastomers are Aflas, Silicones, Fluroelastomers, Nitriles, Carboxylated Nitriles, H.S.N./HNBR, Natural Rubber and S.B.R. (Styrene-Butadiene-Rubber). We do compound additional formulations dependent on customer's needs.

What is the tooling required?
Typically, a mold designed to the specific part dimensions is required to meet the customer's tolerances and material requirements.

What's the strength of the material?
Material strength depends on the rubber compound and the parameters the elastomer is being used in. Please contact your Account Manager for more details.

What's the best way to work with GP Rubber?
Our engineers and technicians work jointly with customers to develop prototypes, choose the best elastomer materials and manufacturing methods for construction, and coordinate and conduct in-house testing, assuring an innovative solution for your oilfield-specific needs.

It is best to involve our engineers early in the design phase for their expert guidance in using the molded materials for mechanical applications. Vital recommendations on the front-end will prevent time-consuming and costly changes at the back-end.

For more information, contact us.

How can I be sure that proprietary information will be kept confidential?
GP Rubber maintains strict confidentiality in all interactions with our customers or would-be customers. No analytical data, reports, opinions, discussions and other information are released to any third party without your permission.

Confidentiality is a very important aspect of our work at GP Rubber, and our excellent reputation in the industry is a result of not only our product knowledge expertise and service, but also for our high code of ethics.

Will GP Rubber sign confidentiality agreements with customers?
Yes, confidentiality agreements will be signed upon request to our management.
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